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Alignment check

For this assignment we have performed an alignment check in a main engine to a gearbox. The main engine is a Mitsubishi S12R-MPTA mounted on elastic motor feet. The gearbox is a ZF W5200 mounted on a base plate. The motor feet are subject to wear, which is reflected in the subsiding of the rubber elements. This may cause the alignment of the engine to fall out of the maximum tolerances of the engine and/or gearbox.

This may result in excessive load on the flexible connection between the gearbox and the engine, causing additional wear. Additional wear may also be caused by excessive load on the gearbox and engine bearings.

With regular checks this can be noticed timely, preventing premature failure of the gearbox and/or engine.

Removal of the propeller-shaft

On this ship we have repaired a leakage for our client. In order to determine the cause we removed the propeller-shaft. After determining the cause, we proceeded to repair. For this we commissioned the shipyard, taking the specifications of the client into account. Our job in this assignment focuses mainly on supervising, project guidance, ordering and manufacturing parts (or have them manufactured).

Repairing the gearbox

In behalf of our client, we have performed maintenance in situ. With the help of staff in a workshop on the spot, repairs were performed on a gearbox using only the means available. This took some improvisation.

Creating a measurement report

In order to monitor wear and clearance, we dismantle an installation and make up a measurement report of the various components. Based on this report we review if the components can still be used or have to be repaired or replaced. Removal of bearings.

Leakage of the propeller-shaft sealing

End result: waterproof with new pipe-work. If a ship cannot go to the yard, in some cases it is possible to perform repairs on board. In this case it was about a leaking propeller-shaft sealing, which was in poor condition due to the influence of salt water. On behalf of Aegir Marine the problem of the leakage of 1500 litres per day was solved. For this we cleaned the bronze bushing and provided with rubber seal rings. It was smoothly finished with a layer of protective coating. For waterproofing, divers were used.