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Machines perform best under optimal circumstances. A faulty alignment will reduce performance and can lead to early failure of the machine. WWI Services can prevent such problems by improving the alignment.

By means of comprehensive laser measurement you will be ensured of quick and accurate maintenance and assembly work. Possibilities vary from carrying out straightness, flatness and squareness measurements to parallel measurements. The measurement data are processed by the included software and described by us in a clear report.


Precision: 0,02 mm/m
Measuring range: 40m

Measuring programmes

Horizontal shaft alignment of horizontal machines
Softfoot soft foot measurement
Easyturn alignment of machines in confined spaces
Cardan alignment of cardan shaft
Vertical shaft alignment of vertical machines
Machine train alignment of multiple, serial machines
Straightness straightness measurement
Flatness flatness measurement, level or angled
Squareness square corner measurement for machines and frames
Parallelism measuring machine and shaft paralellism
Spindle measuring spindles on rotating machines
Plumbline measuring vertical straightness
Flange flatness measurement